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Up to 20% OFF

✅ First phase starts at P70,000 (originally starts at P90,000)
✅ Second phase starts at P30,000 (originally starts at P40,000)

Not included:
– Bone grafting
– Crown

Other services on promo:
Invisalign Clear Aligners
Metal Braces

Continue reading to learn more about Dental Implants!

Dental Implants

Dental Implant is an artificial tooth root, or titanium fitting, that is surgically secured to the jawbone. The light and durable metal implant acts as an anchor for a crown, bridge or denture.

The Dental implant, which is made from titanium alloy, is fabricated in such a way that it mimics a tooth root. This light and durable implant fixture will then act as a stable foundation to hold prostheses such as crowns, bridges or dentures.

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Since the implant fixture fuses to the bone, the patient will feel as if he/she grew a new tooth. Given that the artificial tooth that will be attached matches the natural teeth, it will look and feel authentic.

As with other prosthesis and restoration, this can last a lifetime depending on how you take care of them. Dental implant is a form of restoration and prosthesis; Therefore, several factors like trauma, gum disease and poor oral hygiene will also affect and damage your implant supported teeth as it will damage other forms of restoration.

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