MG 5129
MG 5129

Dr. Sarah Rivera, MScD

An Endodontic specialist, Dr. Sarah is the maven of root canal treatments.

With years of doctoral and masteral studies, innumerable seminars, trainings, and conferences here and abroad, together with her hands-on experience with various cases, Dr. Sarah have mastered the intricacy of the root canal treatment.

With high caliber skills and consistency as her strong suit, she undoubtedly gained high commendation from her patients.”

He is a firm believer that being a doctor is more than just appellation, but a responsibility to be acted upon with excellence.


  • Master of Science in Dentistry, Major in Endodontics – University of the East 
  • Post graduate program in Hospital Dentistry 2011 – Metropolitan Medical Center
  • Master of Science in Dentistry, Major in Endodontics
  • FDI 103rd Annual World Dental Congress, – Bangkok, Thailand
  • Certificate: Learn the Diagnostic Applications of a Cone Beam Computed Tomography in Dentistry
  • 34th ESP Annual Convention Comprehensive Approach in the Practice of Endodontics
  • The Dental Operating Microscope 2017
  • IFEA’s 11th World Endodontic Conference – Seoul, South Korea
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