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Other Payment terms for Invisalign:
✔️ Credit card installment BDO, Metrobank, BPI
✔️ 20% initial payment, 30% clincheck approval, 50% installation

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Opalescence Teeth Whitening (UP TO 20% OFF)
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Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalign is the most recent addition to the world of braces that doesn’t look like braces at all. It involves a series of clear plastic aligners that resemble mouth guards which are custom-made for you. Aligners are changed every two-weeks to facilitate movement of the teeth. It is removed during eating and cleaning thus oral hygiene is not compromised.

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Treatable Cases
For Invisalign

  1. Crowded Teeth
  2. Gap Teeth
  3. Overbite
  4. Underbite
  5. Crossbite
  6. Open Bite

Invisalign is an effective treatment option for many cases. However, because it uses less force than traditional  braces treatment, it may not be suitable for people with severe orthodontic problems.


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