5 Benefits of Dental Fillings

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What are the benefits of dental fillings?

  1. Repairs decayed teeth
  2. Suitable for fractured teeth
  3. Preserves the tooth structure
  4. Can be done in one visit
  5. Provides long-lasting results


The goal of brushing and flossing your teeth is to prevent cavities from developing. That’s why if you’re not consistent in your dental regime—including undergoing regular cleanings—you might find signs of decay in your teeth. Fortunately, you can save your teeth by booking a dentist appointment. During your visit, your doctor will explain the dental fillings benefits.

But first, you might be wondering how cavities form. Bacteria use sugary and starchy foods such as bread, sodas, juice, and candy in your mouth to form acids. Together, the food, bacteria, acid, and saliva form plaque, a thin film that coats your teeth. This erodes your enamel and causes cavities or holes.

That’s why if you’re planning to book a dentist appointment, keep on reading to know more about dental fillings.


Repairs Decayed Teeth

Cavities are problematic because they can cause bad breath and toothache. If you continue to neglect the decay, it might grow larger and reach the deeper layers of your teeth. In severe cases, you might lose your teeth or get an infection.

During your check-up with a dentist, they might recommend a dental filling treatment to treat your cavities. During this visit, the decayed material will be removed and the hole will be filled in. This way, the cavity is prevented from growing and affecting the whole tooth.


Suitable for Fractured Teeth

Suitable For Fractured Teeth

If you like to chew on hard foods, your teeth might eventually crack. Other causes are teeth grinding, accidental blows to the mouth, and aging. Other than causing pain when biting and increasing your teeth’ sensitivity to hot and cold foods, it can also ruin your smile.

While some cases might require extraction or a crown installation, a dentist can also save your cracked tooth through fillings. The composite resin can fill in cracks. The material bonds with your tooth structure, making your teeth stronger. This prevents the bacteria from hiding in the spaces that formed in a fracture.


Preserves The Tooth Structure

For most of you, cavities can cause toothaches. This can make it difficult to eat and speak. The pain could be so severe that you might have trouble performing your daily tasks. Fortunately, dental fillings restore the shape and function of your natural teeth. By removing the decay and filling in the hole, you can eat and speak normally. The pain and sensitivity would be gone too.

The material used for most dental fillings is composite resin. This makes it easier to match the same color to your teeth, so the end result is more natural compared to metal fillings in the past.

When cavities or cracks are spotted early, dental fillings can help preserve most of your natural tooth. On the other hand, if you let the problem grow, the only solution might be to extract your tooth.


Can Be Done in One Visit

Can Be Done In One Visit

You can experience all the health benefits of dental fillings in as fast as one dentist visit. After diagnosing your cavities, your doctor will remove the decay on your teeth. In some cases, you might need local anesthesia but some patients can proceed without one.

After removing the decayed material, your dentist will then shape the space before filling it with the composite resin material. Next, the material is cured using a laser to harden it. Lastly, the filling is finished and polished.

Compared to the pain you’ll be experiencing for days with a cavity, the process of dental filling is short. Because the decay is addressed, you can prevent infections that require a more complicated treatment.


Provides Long-Lasting Results

The health benefits of dental fillings can be experienced for years, as the composite resin bonds with your natural tooth—creating a strong result. If you want to prolong its lifespan, you need to consider your eating and dental hygiene habits.

For instance, it’s advisable to avoid biting hard foods such as ice, hard candy, beef jerky, and the like. Over time, the pressure can increase the wear and tear not just on your fillings but also the rest of your teeth.

Other than that, don’t forget to book regular checkups with your dentist. This way, they can stop cavities from forming on other parts of your teeth and also determine if you need a filling repair or replacement.


Key Takeaway

Dental fillings are not just suitable for repairing teeth with cavities but also cracks as well. If the problem is spotted early, your dentist can help preserve your tooth and return its previous shape and function. Fortunately, dental filling treatments can be done in a single day so you can make the most out of the results for years.

If you want to experience these dental fillings benefits, you can book an appointment with us here! In some cases, you might not know that cavities are forming on your teeth as they develop slowly.

Regular checkups and cleanings can help keep your teeth and gums in good health. This way, your dentist can also spot problems early and prevent the decay from worsening.

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