How To Make A Removable Partial Denture Last Longer?

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How to make a removable partial denture last longer?

  1. Clean the partial denture twice a day
  2. Make sure not to drop the denture
  3. Don’t wear the denture while sleeping
  4. Soak the denture overnight
  5. Clean your mouth after removing the denture
  6. Make sure to see your dentist

When a patient has one or consecutive missing teeth, dentists recommend a removable partial denture to fill those gaps and restore function and aesthetics. This device is a removable dental prosthesis that helps a patient bite and chew, while also helping to stabilize their remaining natural teeth.

A removable partial denture can typically last from five to seven years, given the right care. So, a question that many of our patients have is how to make a removable partial denture last longer. Continue reading this blog to find out.

What is a Removable Partial Denture?

When you lose a tooth, the teeth beside it may drift into space. The opposing tooth will shift as well. As a result, it can affect your bite and can cause stress on your jaws, TMJ and teeth. You may also find it hard to clean your teeth that have shifted, which can also result in gum disease and tooth decay — and this is when the removable partial denture is needed to replace missing teeth. It helps to prevent all these problems from happening. 

This denture is composed of a set artificial teeth that is attached to a metal framework that helps to hold the denture in place. Sometimes its base is a gum-colored made of acrylic. This called a stayplate or temporary denture.

How To Make A Removable Partial Denture Last Longer?

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A removable partial denture won’t last long if you neglect practicing good oral health or damage your teeth. Here is how to take proper care of them, and make sure your removable partial denture lasts longer:

Clean The Partial Denture Twice A Day

Patients who wear removable partial dentures should extend their oral hygiene to their artificial teeth, as well. We recommend you clean your dentures twice a day, or after every meal.

Here’s how to clean them:

  • Brush your removable partial denture with a denture cleaning solution recommended by the prosthodontist.
  • Clean them with mild cleaning products such as dishwashing fluid.
  • The patient should clean each part of the denture, especially the gums and the teeth that hold the denture.
  • Do not brush the denture with toothpaste because it contains abrasives that could damage the denture

Make Sure Not To Drop The Denture

One of the reasons why removable partial dentures break early is that some people accidentally drop them, usually while cleaning them. Dentures are somewhat fragile items, so it’s best to handle them with caution. 

We recommend cleaning them with a bowl of water or a soft towel to prevent your denture from hitting or falling against hard surfaces.

Don’t Wear The Denture While Sleeping

A person with partial dentures needs a break from using them, especially when they go to bed. After cleaning your dentures at night, you should leave them soaking in a clean bowl while you sleep. This will let your gums rest from wearing and using the denture all day.

Soak The Denture Overnight

As we’ve stated, you should soak your denture overnight in a clean bowl. We recommend soaking them in cold water or a prescribed denture cleaning solution from your dentist. Soaking your denture at night keeps it from warping, which maintains its good condition for longer use.

Clean Your Mouth After Removing The Denture

We recommend brushing your teeth using a soft-bristled toothbrush on your natural teeth and gauze or a soft toothbrush to clean your cheeks, tongue, and your palate. This helps to clean bacteria in your mouth to prevent passing it onto your denture.

When you’re putting the denture back in your mouth, rinse it first using a denture-soaking solution. Avoid swallowing the solution because it has chemicals that can trigger vomiting or discomfort.

Make Sure To See Your Dentist

311571984 209051181478486 2572493825179640953 N ScaledIf you have a loose partial denture, don’t hesitate to see your dentist. Unfortunately, loose dentures cause sores, irritation, and infection. If you don’t take care of your partial denture, tartar or plaque will develop on your teeth which can cause gum problems over time.

Elevate Dental recommends our patients with removable partial dentures have regular dental checkups, which will allow our dentists to monitor whether these dentures are intact and functioning properly when used. If there are any loose or damaged pieces, we can easily repair or replace them during your appointment. This will help maximize this solution’s lifespan. 

Key Takeaway

Indeed, removable partial dentures are a great choice to get back your old beautiful smile. And, this post gave you a rundown on how to make a removable partial denture last longer to help you protect your smile!

Interested in getting this dental solution from a reputable dental clinic in Manila? Contact Elevate Dental today, and our staff will gladly assist you in making an appointment.

We have branches in Bonifacio Global City and Greenhills with experienced dentists and advanced and high-quality dental equipment and facilities to give you the best oral care you truly deserve.

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