What is Dental Tourism?

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You may not have heard of what Dental Tourism is or heard it but not familiar with what it is. Dental Tourisms is another term for Dental Vacation or Dental Holiday. These are individuals, who are looking for dental care outside of their local country and is usually accompanied by a vacation. This is a growing sector of practice in looking for a dental care. 

Why are they doing it? Mainly, they are looking for a more cost efficient or cost saving options that they can consider. In countries that are more developed, they cost higher than those of the developing countries. Because of the growing accessibility of technology, materials and techniques, developing countries are able to provide the same quality but to a lower cost. It doesn’t mean lowered cost; the quality is not there. It is simply because developing countries have lower labor cost, less government intervention, lower insurance cost, etc.

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With the dental care cost that you saved, you can also incorporate in your dental care vacation an actual vacation of the country you have visited. 

Here in the Philippines, it is one of the example for a perfect dental tourism destination.  Visit us and have your dental care in Manila. With its hospitable people and beautiful sceneries, your vacation will be complete with a beautiful smile.


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Explore the Philippines with dental tourism by booking with Casipit Dental. We provide quality dental care in Manila. 

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