When Should You Have a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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When should you have your wisdom tooth extracted?

  1. Persistent Tooth Pain
  2. Swollen Gums
  3. Crowded Teeth
  4. Jaw Problems
  5. Continual Tooth Cavity
  6. High Sinus Pressure

Despite its name, the wisdom tooth does not make a person wiser. In fact, it causes pain to many individuals. These are your third molars that emerge late and can cause discomfort when it protrudes from the gums and affects adjacent teeth. It can also cause jaw malalignment, malocclusion, sinus problems, tooth cavities, and cysts.

So, when should you have your wisdom tooth removed? It is best to read this blog to find out the answer. It would also be beneficial to visit your dentist for regular check-ups.

Persistent Tooth Pain

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It’s never good to experience constant tooth pain. This is one of the main reasons why dentists suggest a wisdom tooth extraction, especially if the pain persists after brushing, flossing, or taking painkillers. The pain is often felt around the wisdom tooth, where it seems to push against the jaw or gums.

However, you should remember that not all toothaches are caused by your wisdom teeth. These can be other oral health issues. That’s why it’s best to consult with your dentist to have these problems properly addressed.

Swollen Gums

Swollen gums are another reason why you need to have your wisdom tooth removed. It irritates the gums and makes them feel tight or warm.

There are many cases where people’s wisdom teeth are impacted. This means that they don’t grow fully emerge at the end of your teeth. This can be painful and often result in the swelling of your gums.

Crowded Teeth

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Some individuals may experience teeth crowding in their mouths. This means that there is not enough space in the jaw to accommodate all teeth. This often results in teeth overlap or misalignment.

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth in the mouth to erupt. When you have crowded teeth, these molars will often not have enough room to grow properly. It may also exacerbate teeth crowding.

To alleviate the crowding, dentists often recommend wisdom tooth extraction to prevent further dental problems like tooth decay, and gum disease. However, just like toothache, crowded teeth are not always solved through wisdom tooth removal. It’s always best to consult with your dentist to find the best treatment plan for this.

Jaw Problems

When your wisdom teeth start to erupt, you may experience problems opening and closing your jaw. This can also happen when your wisdom teeth are impacted because of the pressure the tooth puts on your surrounding teeth and jawbone.

These third molars can push adjacent teeth and cause them to shift, resulting in bite problems, jaw pain, and difficulty in opening and closing the mouth. On top of that, there are rare cases where wisdom teeth may also cause cyst development in your mouth. These can lead to damaging the surrounding bone tissue.

Dentists also recommend extraction to relieve the pressure and to prevent further damage to the jawbone and surrounding teeth. It also helps alleviate associated symptoms like pain and pain.

Continual Tooth Cavity

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Wisdom teeth that do not fully emerge from the gums or are not in the correct position can make it difficult to brush or clean properly, which can lead to cavities caused by food or drinks collecting in the area.

If this happens, do not hesitate to visit your dentist to discuss cleaning the tooth cavity and removing your wisdom tooth. This will eliminate any bacteria in your mouth and prevent any cavities from forming on your teeth.

High Sinus Pressure

Our sinuses and tooth roots are affected by wisdom teeth, which can cause headaches or irritation. An indication that your sinus pressure is rising is when painkillers or regular treatments no longer work to reduce the pain caused by your wisdom tooth.

Fortunately, this does not happen often, but if it does, immediately visit your dentist to continue your daily activities without pain.

What to Do with Repeated Pain in the Wisdom Tooth?

At Elevate Dental, we understand how wisdom teeth can affect a person’s ability to focus on tasks, eat properly, and feel uncomfortable.

The only solution is to visit the leading dental clinic in Manila – Elevate Dental! We have expert and caring dentists who can remove your wisdom tooth. Our team can restore your self-confidence by addressing your oral issues through wisdom tooth extraction, where our wisdom tooth extraction price in the Philippines is affordable.

Key Takeaway

We have discussed when wisdom teeth should be removed. At Elevate Dental, we believe it is essential to always take care of our teeth not only for good oral health but also to have a beautiful smile. We can restore your self-confidence through our wisdom tooth extraction using advanced dental equipment and technology.

Leave a message at Elevate Dental today, and we will answer your questions. You can also visit our Elevate Dental branches in Bonifacio Global City and Greenhills.

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