Why is it Important to Get Rid of a Decayed Tooth?

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Our permanent teeth lasts for a lifetime and without proper oral care, it might be at the risk of being decayed. A decayed tooth can bring symptoms such as severe toothache that could be felt up to your head, and it could be hard for you to eat different kinds of food at the same time.

Once you feel those symptoms, you have to visit your nearest dental clinic in order for the pain to not get severe. A really bad decayed tooth is painful, but it gets better once extracted.

Patients don’t actually recognize the urgency of extracting a damaged tooth until it has bothered them. With this, your dentist may have different approaches once they have studied about your problem.

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They might opt you for extraction, root canal or filling your decayed tooth. But once it gets worse, they would often extract it to avoid severe pain and damage to your gums.

Your dentist might recommend extracting your teeth for the following reasons:

  • When repair cannot be done to save the tooth
  • If root canal is not suitable for the tooth’s situation
  • When your tooth is nonfunctional or in a wrong position
  • When the decayed tooth is severely damaged

If your dentists cannot perform other operations on your teeth, Atraumatic extraction will be the most suitable process of repair.

Why is it Important to Get Rid of a Decayed Tooth?

We have a simple answer to that… To avoid severe pain and infection. Don’t wait for your tooth to be infected and difficult to fix. Talk to your dentist and schedule a procedure as soon as you can. This is to avoid serious to critical issues from your decayed tooth that could affect your gums, nerves, and remaining teeth that you have.

Depending on your case, your dentist might opt for simple or surgical extractions. Simple extractions are done when the tooth is visible above the gum line. Your dentist can easily remove it with forceps. But with surgical extraction, your dentist will need to remove gum tissues, bones and will require stitches to heal. Your dentist might as well prescribe a pain reliever after the extraction.

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We know that the thought of having the teeth extracted might sound a bit terrifying for others, but with today’s latest technology and anesthesia, you don’t need to worry about anything.

Here at Casipit Dental Group, we make sure you’re comfortable with every step towards the type of service that you need. For more information, you can contact us today or visit our dental clinic in Manila, Lingayen and Calasiao!

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