Benefits of Dental Crowns

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Dental Crowns can be an effective treatment option for tooth that are badly damaged. It utilizes tooth-shaped coverings to improve and restore the teeth appearance and strength. We have listed the benefits in having dental crown for a solution to your dental concern.

  1. Covers discolored and irregularities in teeth in improving cosmetic appearance
  2. Protects severely damaged tooth or tooth weakened by decay, fracture, large fillings or root canal therapy from fracturing. Teeth with large fillings tend to “flex more” forcing the tooth apart possibly causing stress fractures
  3. Holds together cracked or weaken teeth and seal the tooth from decay
  4. Helps preserve the natural function and position of the teeth
  5. Restores tooth with large decay, cavities or filings
  6. Supports the replacement teeth in a bridge
  7. Restores and maintains natural bite
  8. Covers a dental implant

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