6 Benefits Of Dental Sealants

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What are the benefits of dental sealants?

  1. Suitable for kids and adults
  2. Long-lasting treatment
  3. Painless and quick
  4. Reduces deep grooves of teeth
  5. Low maintenance and easy reapplication
  6. Affordable dental procedure

Every time we eat or drink, our teeth and gums collect acid and sugar from the food or beverage products we consume, causing the surfaces of our teeth to be filled with bacteria. 

Luckily, there’s a dental treatment that can help prevent this, by creating a protective barrier between your teeth and these decay-causing bacteria. This treatment is called a dental sealant. 

There are several benefits of dental sealants, thanks to the extra protection they provide. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at them — keep reading! 

What Is A Dental Sealant?

Dental Sealant is a thin coating applied on the chewing parts of teeth to avoid tooth decay. It quickly bonds into the small grooves of the teeth to form a protective barrier over the enamel of each tooth. This is highly recommended for newly erupted premolars and molars.

Also called pits and fissure sealants, this is not a substitution method for flossing or brushing, but an effective dental procedure to add protection to your teeth.

Benefits Of Dental Sealants

Dental sealants help prevent bacteria build-up by making thin coatings that adhere to your teeth. These last for years, and creates a protective shield that provides the following benefits: 

Suitable For Kids And Adults

The Dentist Checks The Teeth Of A Young Patient 2022 10 25 22 40 02 Utc 1Contrary to what many believe, dental sealants are also suitable for adults. Although children are indeed the most common patients for this treatment, anyone can still benefit from getting dental sealants. 

If you’re an older patient looking to reduce the risk of things like cavities and plaque, then consider protecting your teeth with dental sealants. Elevate Dental, the best dental clinic in Manila offers this treatment for both kids and adults who want to improve their oral health at an affordable price.

Long-Lasting Treatment

Every patient wants a dental treatment that lasts longer. Fortunately, dental sealants offer full protection against cavities for up to 10 years. 

Here at Elevate Dental, our dentists will check the condition of your teeth before we apply the procedure. 

Over time, dental sealants can become chipped, worn, and need to be assessed again and re-apply if our dentists see that it needs reapplication before it gets broken. Hence, this helps to maintain good oral health.

Painless And Quick

Asian Young Dentist Wearing Face Mask Use Medical 2021 12 09 02 20 43 Utc 1The procedures for dental sealants are painless and quick. Your teeth will be cleaned and prepared for the application of sealant material. Next, an acid solution is put on the small grooves of the teeth to roughen the area to help the sealant bond to the teeth. 

After that, your teeth will be rinsed and air-dried, and the sealant is painted on your tooth enamel where it directly hardens the tooth. Lastly, a special light-curing machine is used to help the sealant harden.

Reduces Deep Grooves Of Teeth

When you have deeper grooves on your teeth, it can be hard to clean them. This is because it can be difficult for the bristles of your brush to reach those spots — making them a prime hiding place for food particles and plaque. 

Dental sealants can help patch up these deeper groves, which can help you avoid decay from developing on your teeth. It also saves your tooth from being extracted if it can still be recovered by dental sealant procedure.

Low Maintenance And Easy Reapplication

Sealants are, in general, an easy treatment to get. Even after treatment, maintenance and reapplication are hassle-free. All you need to do is keep up a good oral routine to prevent cavities and other teeth issues. 

And, once your dental sealant becomes chipped or worn, the dentists here at Elevate Dental can quickly reapply it as needed, to make sure that it will continuously protect your teeth from decay.

Affordable Dental Procedure

Aside from being a pain- and hassle-free dental solution for your teeth, sealants can also be a very cost-effective and affordable procedure. It’s priced lower than other cavity treatments, such as teeth fillings and dental restorations.

In addition, there will be an evaluation where a dentist will assess if a patient would benefit from sealants, and once confirmed by dental examination or cleaning, the sealants will be applied to the teeth at an affordable price. 

Key Takeaway

While dental sealants are exceptional when it comes to protecting your teeth, you should still prioritize your oral hygiene practice, regular dental cleanings, and healthy eating habits to avoid getting your teeth and gums hurt from tooth decay or cavities.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of dental sealants from the trusted dental clinic in Manila? Learn more about dental sealants and other helpful ways to oral health by booking an appointment to Elevate Dental today.

You may also visit our Elevate Dental branches in Bonifacio Global City and Greenhills. Our friendly and professional dentists and other dental staff will happily accommodate you with our advanced and clean dental equipment and facilities for the best dental sealants your teeth require.

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