Commonly Used Dentist Tools and Why You Shouldn’t Fear It

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Dentist tools may look frightening because of its sounds and appearance. By just hearing it outside your dentist’s office can send chills down to your spine. One way to cope is by knowing what each tool does and by that, it can lessen your anxiety from going to the dentist.

Dental tools facilitate dentists to do everything. Whether examining your teeth or correcting it on a routine. Whether young or old, we are all curious on what does those tools do to our mouth, especially on our teeth.

Here are different dental tools that your dentist uses:



1. Mouth Mirror

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You may know what this is and may not even scare you once you have seen it. It is a small spherical mirror connected to a metal stick. Mouth Mirrors are used to examine the areas of the mouth that can be hidden. It also helps the dentist put the tongue out of the way or push your gums, or cheek without using their hands.


2. Sickle Probe

Sickle Probe

This is also known as the dental explorer. It is beneficial in finding signs of cavities or gum disease. It has a long handle with a sharp-looking hook at the end. The sickle probe explores the pockets between the teeth and scrapes away tartar and plaque. It is a tool used for preventative dentistry.


3. Scaler

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A scaler is more essential for the removal of a greater build-up of plaque and tartar. When you eat or drink, tiny particles sticks to your teeth and that is how bacteria causing tooth decay forms. Brushing and flossing helps remove most of the plaque, but it is important to visit your doctor regularly in order to look for damages that you could not see.


4. Saliva Ejector/Suction Device

Saliva Ejector

This is a long tube attached to a vacuum that removes saliva from your mouth. Dentists often need a dry surface when exploring your mouth. You may hear vacuum sounds once it is used and you might even feel the device stick to your tongue or cheek, but that is something you don’t have to worry about.


5. Dental Drill

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One of the most feared tool and the sounds of it can make patients feel a bit uneasy. This tool is the most effective way to remove tooth decay before filling a cavity. A dental drill spins over 250,000 revolutions per minute while shooting water into your mouth. In can feel uncomfortable due to the vibrations on your teeth, but is usually not painful with local anesthetic.


6. Forceps


When having your tooth extracted, this is also one of the most feared tools. Forceps are consisted of a beak, neck, and handle. There are different type of extracting forceps that are designed to fit tightly around the teeth.


7. Elevators

Dental Elevators

You might be thinking about the elevators that we ride in buildings, but this one is different. Elevators are used to elevate and loosen the tooth from periodontal ligament. This is used to create space to prevent trauma to the adjacent teeth and tissues.


Dental tools are something we should try not to be afraid of. It is more important to know that your dentist is well-experienced and knows what he/she is doing.

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