Top 4 Reasons You Need a Dental Bridge

Top 4 Reasons You Need A Dental Bridge 768x513 1

What are common reasons for getting a dental bridge?

  1. It Helps with Teeth Alignment
  2. It’s for Aesthetic Purposes
  3. It’s a Non-invasive Method
  4. It Takes Less Time Than Other Options


Dental problems can cause someone a lot of pain and stress, especially when it’s caused by extracted or missing teeth. If you’re currently experiencing this problem, there are a few different replacement options available to you. Getting a dental bridge may be one of the options you’re considering. A dental bridge is a set of false teeth that bridge the gaps between your remaining teeth. There are many reasons for getting a dental bridge over your other options, and these factors are things you should consider before you decide with your dentist.


It Helps with Teeth Alignment

The purpose of getting a dental bridge is to deal with the gaps left behind by missing or extracted teeth. If left alone, these gaps can cause problems with eating or speaking. When you have fewer teeth, it impairs your ability to properly chew your food and will also impact your ability to speak clearly. Filling the gap with a dental bridge will restore your eating and speaking abilities.

This will also remove the disparities in your bite, properly aligning the force your teeth and jaw experience when you bite down. By addressing these problems, a dental bridge can preserve and maintain the strength in your remaining teeth and prevent further problems.

Dental bridges also prevent surrounding teeth from shifting, as they block the space your missing teeth have left. By filling in that gap, it prevents your teeth from moving out of their correct positions.


It’s for Aesthetic Purposes

Its For Aesthetic Purposes

Let’s face it — someone’s smile is one of the first things you notice when you look at them. This is why getting dental work is important for many people — they want to look good when they smile. One of the main purposes of getting a dental bridge is to restore your appearance. Teeth play a huge role in the overall look of a person, and when you have a full set of teeth, it helps to maintain the shape of your face. When teeth are missing or removed, it can cause your face shape to drastically change as you can experience bone loss in your jaw caused by your teeth moving into the gaps left behind.

A smile with noticeably missing teeth can make you feel awkward or self-conscious. This can also be caused when you have teeth with significant aesthetic defects, such as discoloration or abnormal shapes. A dental bridge can be used to solve these problems. By getting a dental bridge, you can replace your missing teeth, improve your look and fix your smile so that you can smile with confidence. A dental bridge is a lightweight and comfortable way to address this problem.


It’s a Non-invasive Method

There’s a reason why dental bridges are considered to be more lightweight and comfortable than most other options. Dental bridges do not require surgery to be installed. This is great for people who are scared of invasive dental procedures. We understand that the thought of surgery is scary and that there may be people who would like to avoid going through that. This option is even better for people who do not have enough jawbone to support options like dental implants. It’s also helpful when you experience other health issues that may make undergoing surgery a bigger ordeal. Dental bridges can easily cover the gaps in your mouth without a single incision to your gums.


It Takes Less Time Than Other Options

It Takes Less Time Than Other Options

Adding onto the previous point, dental bridges also take less time to be installed. This procedure can typically be completed within a few dentist visits if there are no additional complications. In your first visit, your dentist will prepare the surrounding teeth to fit the dental crowns that will be put to secure the dental bridge. During this time, impressions of your teeth will be taken to create your dental bridge. While this is made, your dentist will cement temporary crowns to protect the prepared teeth and keep them from further shifting in the meantime.

In your second visit, your permanent bridge will be fitted in the prepared teeth and the shade, shape, and alignment are checked to make sure it fits the profile of your jaw and face. Afterward, adjustments will be made, if needed, before it becomes cemented to the prepared teeth. In some cases, this procedure may require another visit to check the fit and make the appropriate adjustments, but many patients will not experience any issues with the fitting after the second appointment. Compared to a dental implant where it takes around two months for bone and implant to integrate and fit fully, a dental bridge can typically be completed and installed within a few days.


Key Takeaway

Missing teeth can lead to many health and confidence problems, making your life harder than it should be. Luckily, there are many dental treatments available to help you get back your smile. To determine whether you want a dental bridge, you should properly weigh the benefits and possible drawbacks of this treatment when compared to others. This is best done by speaking to dental professionals, such as the team at Casipit Dental Group. When consulted, they will be able to discuss the reasons for a dental bridge as a solution to your dental problems in greater depth.

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