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Oral Prophylaxis /
Teeth Cleaning

A procedure for the removal of tartar (mineralized plaque) that may develop even with careful brushing and flossing, especially in areas that are difficult to reach in routine tooth brushing. It includes tooth scaling and tooth polishing and debridement if too much tartar has accumulated.

The dentist uses an ultrasonic scaler, a type of hand instrument, to remove the plaque and tartar. Ultrasonic scalers work by producing vibrations to gently remove hardened debris with a mist of water to wash away the blood and debris from the cleaned area. After scaling, polishing will be done with a paste and a brush attached to a hand piece which will clean, smoothen and make your teeth shiny.

How often do I need to
visit the dentist for Oral Prophylaxis?

Oral prophylaxis is applicable for all ages to help fight tooth decay and gum disease.It is recommended to be done twice a year or every 6 months as a preventive measure. Patients with severe periodontal disease are advised to have oral prophylaxis done every 3-4 months. For patients who have orthodontic appliances, oral prophylaxis is recommended to be done more frequently, usually during their monthly adjustment.

Why do I need Oral Prophylaxis?

Even if you think your home oral care regime is efficient, there are still hard to reach areas which accumulate debris and plaque. If left on the area, it becomes an environment for bacteria to thrive that can lead to decay of teeth, inflammation and irritation to the gums which then causes swelling and bleeding of the gums. During your oral prophylaxis, all of your teeth will also be thoroughly assessed to check if you have any other dental problems that need to be addressed.

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