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6 Myths and Facts About Dentistry

6 Myths and Facts About Dentistry

What are common dentistry myths and facts?

  1. Myth: Flossing can create gaps between your teeth
  2. Myth: Sugar is the cause of cavities
  3. Myth: It’s only a baby tooth
  4. Fact: Brushing too much can harm your teeth
  5. Myth: You can save
5 Denture Care Tips Do's and Don'ts

5 Denture Care Tips: Do’s and Don’ts

What are some denture care tips you need to know?

  1. Be careful with the food you eat
  2. Clean your dentures properly
  3. Avoid harsh and abrasive cleaners
  4. Don’t wear your dentures at night
  5. Schedule A Dentist Appointment Twice a Year


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