Elevate Dental’s Celebrity Patients

Elevate Dentals Celebrity Patients

For celebrities, social media influencers, and brand ambassadors, one of the most important aspects is their teeth and smile, as it’s involved in a lot of things — while they’re saying their lines, making a joke on-screen, talking in a vlog, and modeling the latest fashion trends. A better smile leads to improved confidence, so they can perform better at their jobs. Keep on reading for Elevate Dental’s celebrity patients!

Social media influencers, brand ambassadors, and celebrities that have come to trust us when it comes to delivering excellent patient care are Rica Peralejo – Bonifacio, Valeen Montenegro, Rovilson Fernandez, Doris Cheong, and Kally Araneta among many others.


Rica Peralejo – Bonifacio

Rica Peralejo Bonifacio

Rica Peralejo entered the world of television when she was just 12 years old and left the industry when she was 28. Today, she is a vlogger that covers a wide array of topics — from her typical day as a mom and a wife, how she takes care of her skin, her fitness journey, and deeper topics about life and mental health.

But no matter her topic, she never fails to show us her beautiful smile. She is one of the celebrity patients that trusted the skills and patient care provided by our dentists here at Elevate Dental.

In 2018, Rica Peralejo had to visit our orthodontist at the clinic for braces. Rica had braces when she was young, but she found that years later, her teeth had changed. She needed braces because having crowded teeth can make it easier to develop plaque because the teeth are hard to clean. She visits our clinic from time to time for braces adjustment and airflow teeth cleaning.

In one of her visits, Rica had to breastfeed her baby while getting treated. This is possible because of our commitment to making an environment that is more comfortable for our patients. The dentist in charge of the treatment adjusted her techniques to make it easy for her to nurse her baby.

Aside from her teeth, she also trusts Elevate Dental’s skills when it comes to her kids’ dental health! In our clinic, we have pediatric dentists that are trained to work with children.


Valeen Montenegro

Valeen Montenegro

Valeen Montenegro is a celebrity known for her role in the comedy TV show, Bubble Gang. Aside from that, she has also displayed her skill as an actress in various movies and TV shows such as Beautiful Justice, The Write Moment, Lokomoko, and more. Other than that, she’s also a capable model.

With her role as a comedienne, actress, and model, Valeen showcases her smile in a variety of ways. As an Elevate Dental celebrity patient, her teeth are taken care of by our skilled doctors. This way, she continues to show her infectious laughter and sweet smile to her audience.

One of her must-have treatments is oral prophylaxis. With the combination of Airflow and scaling, the dentists can remove not just plaque and tartar, but also stains. This way, her smile is always bright and sparkly. To maintain her pearly whites, Valeen regularly visits the clinic for dental care maintenance.


Rovilson Fernandez

Rovilson Fernandez

Rovilson Fernandez is known for his hosting skills in TV programs such as Ang Pinaka and Home Work. He is more than a simple host but a gifted storyteller who captures the attention of his audience throughout his shows. You will remember him for his vibrant and melodious tone when telling a story.

With plenty of close-up shots while on TV, Rovilson Fernandez was able to engage his audience with his sparkling smile. You will know him for his pearly whites. He has been a patient with us for a while and has enjoyed our most popular treatments — such as Airflow and Zoom Teeth Whitening. Zoom Teeth Whitening is one of the safest and fastest ways to give your smile a boost, so if you’re interested, you can also book an appointment with us!

Aside from that, Rovilson also had a porcelain crown installation. This treatment can restore the appearance and shape of a damaged tooth or strengthen weak teeth. According to Rovilson, having good teeth is important for his line of work. He says that it gives him his confidence and “superpowers”. This way, he was able to maintain his bright smile for his projects. He also referred to our clinic as being like a “resort” or a “spa” because it was comfortable.


Doris Cheong

Doris Cheong

Doris Cheong is a print ad and TV commercial model, which is why it is essential for her to maintain a beautiful smile. She has worked with several brands, including PLDT, Klook, Uniqlo, and more.

Although she has very small teeth and an uneven gum line, we had procedures that helped her show her big pearly whites on camera. This includes Zoom Teeth Whitening, Gingivectomy, Airflow, and Fillings. After the treatment, her teeth became a few shades whiter, and she has achieved a bigger and more even smile.

For more information on her experience, you can view this video on our YouTube page!


Kally Araneta

Kally Araneta 682x1024

Kally Araneta is a brand ambassador and social media influencer in the Philippines. She has a blog about her travels, posts regular videos on YouTube about beauty and fashion, and has a huge following on Instagram. Because of her job as an influencer, she has always needed to show her smile on cam.

With Elevate Dental’s help, Kally was able to elevate her smile. Through porcelain veneers, she has gained her new and improved pearly whites. Although she was not familiar with the process, she trusted us to perform the procedure.

After three sessions, Kally had achieved a beautiful but natural smile. To learn about her dental visits and the step-by-step treatment she needed, you can watch this video.


Key Takeaway

These are only some of the celebrity patients who trust us in elevating their smiles. We have also served other well-known people such as Mark Bautista, Maica Palo, and Janina Vela among others in one of our clinics.

If you’re interested in achieving the same smile as Elevate Dental’s celebrity patients, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with us. We have dental specialists that will help with your specific concerns so you can achieve your most beautiful and elevated smile.

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