6 Benefits of Getting an Airflow Treatment

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What are the benefits of getting an Airflow treatment?

  1. Effective removal of biofilm
  2. Provides a deeper clean
  3. Removes stain and discoloration
  4. Suitable for sensitive teeth
  5. Faster teeth cleaning
  6. Safe for dental appliances


Airflow treatment is a newer and more modern approach to teeth cleaning. It combines pressurized air, water, and a special Airflow powder to remove biofilm and stains. But aside from the surface of your teeth, it can also help get rid of plaque underneath the gums—so it’s beneficial for overall teeth and gum health! If you’re fairly new to this procedure, you should read the benefits of getting an Airflow treatment below!


Effective Removal of Biofilm

Effective Removal Of Biofilm

Over time, a white, slimy, and sticky layer of bacteria can form on your teeth and gums. Referred to as biofilm, it’s where the plaque sticks, and this substance can harden to tartar—which is also known as dental calculus. If this happens, removing it at home is impossible. Once neglected, it can increase your risk of gum and bone disease, which is more time-consuming to treat.

Other than brushing and flossing your teeth at home, professional dental cleaning such as Airflow treatment is also recommended. With the air polisher and special powder, all traces of plaque are removed effectively so you can maintain your teeth and gum health.


Provides A Deeper Clean

Aside from the surface of your teeth, plaque can also accumulate between teeth and below the gumline. These need to be removed regularly if you don’t want to risk having certain gum diseases. Fortunately, Airflow treatment can be used to clean hard-to-reach spaces in your mouth.

By using the air polisher, your dentist can thoroughly target problem areas such as tight gaps where teeth meet, natural dips and cracks in your teeth, and also reach deep pockets up to 5mm in depth! For deeper cleaning, a perioflow extension nozzle can be used.


Removes Stain and Discoloration

Removes Stain And Discoloration

Regular consumption of certain foods and drinks can lead to teeth stains. Some examples are coffee, tea, wine, cola, tomato sauces, curry, and more. Other than that, cigarette smoking is also one of the main culprits of yellowing teeth. This is almost impossible to remove with just brushing and flossing alone.

But with the combination of air, water, and powder in an Airflow treatment, your surface discoloration can be removed or lessened. The air polisher targets the stains along with the biofilm so your natural teeth’ color can resurface. For this reason, it is often recommended for clients that want to undergo a whitening procedure because Airflow treatment can get rid of buildup and make whitening solutions more effective.


Suitable for Sensitive Teeth

One of the main reasons why Airflow treatment is preferred by many patients is because it’s gentle on the teeth and gums. Compared to traditional teeth cleaning methods, it doesn’t involve dental tools that produce heat and vibration. In some cases, Airflow can complete most of the cleaning so the need for scrapers is lessened. In addition to that, the powders used for air polishing have special flavors so it makes the whole experience more comfortable and fun

Because of these reasons, Airflow treatment is suitable for patients with sensitive teeth. As a bonus, the powder can also fill up the exposed dentine tubules—which are the main cause of hypersensitivity!


Faster Teeth Cleaning

Faster Teeth Cleaning

Airflow treatment can be combined with traditional cleaning methods to make the whole process faster. Through air polishing, biofilm and stain can be effectively removed so dentists can focus their scaling efforts on hardened deposits. This can speed up the teeth cleaning process significantly, which means that less time is required to stay in the dentist’s chair.

Because of this, more and more patients are adding Airflow treatment to their teeth cleaning appointments. Each dental visit is short, so it’s easier to keep up with regular cleanings.


Safe for Dental Appliances

If you wear braces, brushing and flossing your teeth might be more difficult because of the brackets and wires. In this case, you will appreciate the deeper clean that can be provided by an Airflow treatment. The air can reach around the brackets so the wires don’t have to be removed. Because this teeth cleaning process is gentle, it won’t damage the orthodontic appliance.

Aside from that, Airflow treatment is also a safe choice for people with dental implants, veneers, crowns, and bridges. So if you’re worried that your restorations are staining or accumulating unwanted substances over time, you can ask your dentist for this treatment.


Key Takeaway

Airflow treatment is a teeth cleaning process that utilizes air, water, and powder to effectively target biofilm and stains. It can provide a deeper clean, faster than traditional methods, and suitable for people with sensitive teeth and dental appliances.

If you want to know more about the benefits of getting an Airflow treatment, you can book a consultation in one of Casipit Dental Group’s branches. Our dentists are trained to perform this procedure, so they can answer all your inquiries and concerns. You can send a message here so we can assist you in booking an appointment.

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