Casipit Dental Group BGC Is Now rebranding to Elevate Dental

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“Elevate” can mean many things — to raise, to boost, to upgrade, and to uplift something. With this meaningful word as a part of our identity, we aim to elevate all aspects of our dental care to serve you better. Welcome to Elevate Dental!

What can you expect from Elevate Dental’s rebranding?

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  1. Who: Experienced team of specialists
  2. What: Elevated patient care
  3. How: Make your visits as comfortable as possible
  4. Where: New facility in a convenient location
  5. When: December 2021


While retaining the same experienced team of specialists and consistent patient care, we’re rebranding from Casipit Dental Group to Elevate Dental to provide you with a more elevated dental experience. If you want to know what to expect with Elevate Dental’s rebranding, keep on reading!


Who: Experienced Team of Specialists

Even though we’re rebranding to a new identity, one thing that won’t change is the same experienced team of specialists that you got to know over the years. From orthodontics, prosthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, cosmetic dentistry, to oral surgery and more — you will continue to have access to highly-specialized care that can help improve your smile.

To elevate your dental experience, our team of doctors is continuously improving their knowledge and skills through post-graduate courses, seminars, and local and international training. Get to know more about our specialists!


What: Elevated Patient Care

What Elevated Patient Care

Through our rebranding, you’ll continue to receive the consistent patient care and attention that you’re used to. But in everything we do, we aim to find ways to elevate your experience.

With the goal to elevate and inspire your life by improving your smile, we will do our best to provide the best dental services that you will be satisfied with. This includes providing you with a hassle-free experience and great customer service so you will walk out the door with a smile on your face.


How: Make Your Visits as Comfortable as Possible

We aim to elevate our patient care by making your visits as comfortable as possible. In our brand new clinic, you will not just get access to improved dental care but also a better overall experience.

To ensure that you feel refreshed and inspired every time you walk into our clinic, we made sure to improve everything — including the waiting area, the treatment room, conference room, and sterilizing rooms. This way, the same consistent patient care that you’ve come to expect will become even better. Click here to read reviews from our patients!


Where: New facility in A Convenient Location

Where New Facility In A Convenient Location

With our rebranding to Elevate Dental, we’re also moving to a more convenient location to make our dental services more accessible! You can visit us at Unit No. R303, 3rd floor, Bonifacio Stopover Pavilion, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. Check out our new location!

Our new clinic location in Bonifacio Stop Over can offer you the following things:

  • Multilevel Parking
  • Bus stops
  • Bike park
  • Elevators, escalators, and PWD ramps
  • Restaurants
  • Massage and facial spas
  • Hair Salon
  • Nail Spa


When: December 2021

Our rebranding has inspired us to offer even better dental services to give you what you truly deserve. Include us in your holiday plans because our new and improved clinic at Bonifacio Global City is available this December 2021! After all, there’s nothing better than rewarding yourself with excellent dental care and welcoming the New Year with a brand new smile.


Key Takeaway

Something good can become something better as long as you have a strong driving force. With our rebranding, we aim to embody the word “elevate” in all aspects — whether it’s our team, our patient care. or our facility.

Elevate Dental’s rebranding is focused on providing you with the same consistent patient care that you’ve come to expect but better. With the same experienced team of specialists and a new facility in a convenient location, we aim to elevate and inspire your life by improving your smile.

If you want to book an appointment in our new clinic, you can contact us here!

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