How To Prepare For A Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment

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How to prepare for a laser teeth whitening treatment?

  1. Schedule a dental checkup before the treatment
  2. Make sure your teeth are cleaned first
  3. Desensitize your sensitive teeth
  4. Determine your teeth’s goal shade

Laser teeth whitening is one of the most sought-after dental treatments today. It’s not a surprise since plenty of people wish to have whiter teeth. Many want that perfect smile with a set of pearly white, making you feel more confident when you flash that smile to everyone in the room.

While laser teeth whitening treatments guarantee you great results, you still need to prepare yourself before your appointment with the dentist. Before that day, make sure to read this blog first to know a few things to do before having your teeth look shiny and bright!

What is Laser Teeth Whitening?

Laser teeth whitening is the swiftest solution for lessening the discoloration of your teeth as it offers whiter, shiny teeth for patients. Using a light-activated bleaching gel, this treatment usually takes 1-2 hours that assures instant whitening results after. At Elevate Dental, we use advanced dental equipment for teeth whitening to make the entire procedure goes smoothly from start to finish.

Moreover, we assure you that this procedure will not damage your teeth as it is safe even for those with sensitive teeth.

As a patient, you want your laser teeth whitening procedure to be effective after. For it to happen, you must do these preparations before the treatment takes place.

Schedule a Dental Checkup Before the Treatment

Make sure to have a dental checkup before the day of your laser teeth whitening treatment. It will help your dentist to assess your dental health before fulfilling your whitening treatment.

Dentists will need to check if you are suitable for this treatment. They’ll inform you that laser teeth whitening is effective only on natural teeth and does not work on veneers, crowns, tooth fillings, and implants.

The bleaching gel won’t do much for internal stains caused by decay, trauma, or too much exposure to antibiotics. That’s why you should ask for an opinion from a dentist before moving forward as some stains can’t be treated with laser teeth whitening treatment.

Make Sure Your Teeth are Cleaned First

Dental Instruments 2021 08 28 13 01 44 Utc 1It’s the rule of thumb that you need to get your teeth cleaned first before opting for any dental treatments to ensure the best results. Cleaning your teeth before the whitening treatment begins helps to get rid of any tartar or plaque. This allows the bleaching gel to thoroughly whiten your teeth, giving your teeth maximum whitening results.

Here at Elevate Dental, our dentists will gently clean your teeth by removing tartar and other sediments before the treatment takes place. We also advise our patients to brush and floss their teeth every day to avoid delaying their teeth whitening procedure.

Desensitize Your Sensitive Teeth

You may experience gum and teeth sensitivity after your laser teeth whitening procedure. So, if you’re vulnerable to sensitivity even outside dental treatments, you might want to use desensitizing toothpaste before your whitening procedure happens.

We advise you to use a desensitizing toothpaste for two weeks before your scheduled procedure. It has ingredients containing potassium nitrate and strontium chloride that blocks the carrying of pain signals from your tooth to its nerve.

Moreover, if your teeth are extremely sensitive and you believe you’ll feel discomfort right after the procedure, you might consider an over-the-counter pain reliever with your dentist.

Determine Your Teeth Goal Shade

Attentive Dentist Comparing Different Teeth Whiten 2022 01 27 22 50 55 Utc 1Opting for laser teeth whitening treatment to fix your teeth stain not only requires you to have your teeth cleaned and use a desensitizing toothpaste. You should also determine your teeth’s goal shade.

At Elevate Dental, we have a complete shade guide to help you assess the shades that you want from your current shade. Consider finding the right shade that closely matches your current shade. Therefore, you will have both a base shade and a goal shade to compare before and after your whitening treatment.

Furthermore, checking your teeth’s goal shade lets the dentist assess how much lighter you should go for the natural, shiny smile you’re wishing for.

What are the Ways to Reduce Staining Before Your Whitening Procedure

Although brushing and flossing your teeth daily reduce any visible stains on your teeth, there are other ways to prevent staining before your teeth whitening treatment.

Here are the tips to prevent or reduce the staining of your teeth:

  • Avoid drinking coffee, tea, or wine.
  • Always use a straw when drinking.
  • Make sure to chew your gum to stimulate your saliva.
  • Eat crunchy, plain foods instead of snack foods.
  • Don’t forget to rinse whenever possible.

Key Takeaway

Everyone wants naturally shiny teeth to give them confidence. You can achieve this with laser teeth whitening treatment. This convenient, quick, and harmless procedure helps your teeth become healthy, too!

In this blog, we’ve discussed how to prepare for a laser teeth whitening treatment. If you want to book a whitening treatment at a dental clinic in Manila, look no further than Elevate Dental today! Here, we offer a variety of affordable dental services using our advanced dental equipment and technology. Reach out to Elevate Dental today to learn more!

You can visit our Elevate Dental branches in Bonifacio Global City and Greenhills, too.

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