Why Airflow Treatment Is Much Better For Your Gums?

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Why is airflow treatment so much better for your gums?

  1. Airflow treatment is faster
  2. Airflow treatment is more comfortable
  3. Airflow treatment is all-around
  4. Airflow treatment nurtures periodontal health

Many believe that oral care begins and starts with your teeth. While they are important, we shouldn’t just prioritize our teeth by brushing and flossing. We should also consider that our gums need proper care, too. 

It’s pivotal to keep our gums healthy by visiting the dentist from time to time, as they also collect bacteria that can eventually affect our health. This is where things like airflow treatment come in. 

It’s time to focus on your gum health, too! Read why airflow treatment is much better for your gums below. 

Why Do Our Gums Need Proper Cleaning?

As previously stated, our mouths have bacteria that colonize our teeth and gum tissues. It is called biofilm. Although brushing and flossing can cut biofilm growth, it’s advisable to visit a dentist to professionally remove biofilm to avoid it building up into plaque — which creates cavities, gum disease, and other oral health concerns. 

The most effective method for extracting biofilm from your gums and teeth is the airflow treatment which cures this dental problem.

Why Is Airflow Treatment Much Better?

311786825 209406144776323 6069947135149914394 NThere are many good reasons as to why airflow treatment is much better for your gums, compared to traditional dental cleaning methods. 

Airflow Treatment Is Faster

Dentists highly recommended this airflow treatment because it’s effective and a faster dental procedure. Before, dentists took about 30 to 60 seconds to clean each tooth. But with the help of airflow treatment, their cleaning time is reduced to 5 seconds. 

Airflow treatment can also be used to quickly remove a heavy build-up of plaque — much faster than using a scale and polish. This helps make other periodontal procedures (particularly whitening treatments) more effective, by removing any build-up around the gums that could prevent proper bleaching. 

Airflow Treatment Is More Comfortable

Those traditional dental cleanings have had an unfavorable opinion by many for being uncomfortable and even painful. Fortunately, patients benefit from having quick and painless cleanings, thanks to airflow treatment. 

During the treatment, you will feel a soft, warm flow of water gently hitting the lines of your gums and teeth to give you maximum cleaning, all with little to no discomfort.

Airflow Treatment Is All-Around

Sticking to traditional dental cleanings does not effectively clean hard-to-reach bacteria on your gums and teeth. 

With airflow, it is safer and more effective for all oral surfaces making them an all-around treatment for your gum health. Additionally, this treatment is also helpful for orthodontia (a treatment for the irregularities in the teeth), and dental implants and restorations.

Airflow Treatment Nurtures Periodontal Health

The airflow treatment uses a powder called Erythritol and Sodium Bicarbonate. This powder not only eliminates the biofilm and other stains, but is formulated to inhibit bacterial growth in the future. It is less harmful to your gum tissue than other powders like sodium bicarbonate. 

Furthermore, this powder helps to stop the bacteria from reproducing, which helps to prevent gum diseases like gingivitis.

Who Is Airflow Treatment Suitable For?

Fortunately, the airflow treatment is suitable for both adults and children. If you’re looking for the most effective dental procedure for removing biofilm, stains, teeth restorations, and implants, you should choose the airflow treatment. 

In addition, one airflow treatment session can instantly get rid of plaque and discoloration on all the hard-to-reach areas of your gum line and teeth. This treatment serves as the top dental hygiene for many patients today to maintain their oral health and properly treat their gum disease. 

A tip: airflow treatment is a suitable and quick fix if you’re looking to brighten your smile before special occasions, such as attending job interviews, holidays, weddings, and more.

Who Should You Ask For Effective And Trusted Airflow Treatment?

311571785 209051184811819 2622049110972956251 NMany advanced dental clinics are offering airflow treatment today. However, you should always choose a dental clinic with an excellent dental care background and track record before booking an appointment for treatment.

Elevate Dental is the leading dental clinic in Manila today. We have a highly-qualified and patient-focused and friendly team of experienced dentists who care for your dental health and the effect it can have on your confidence.

Our airflow treatment can clean your gums and teeth by removing biofilm and stains caused by smoking, consuming drinks, and other foods. We will help focus on your gum health while also refining your tooth brightness giving you the sparkly fresh smile you deserve.

Take note that airflow treatment is not to whiten your teeth, but to polish your tooth’s surface by removing the plaque and discoloration.

Key Takeaway

In this blog, we’ve given the reasons why airflow treatment is much better for your gums. This should help show you the benefits of this service, how it helps take care of your gums, and help you avoid oral problems. 

If you want to experience the best airflow treatment in Manila, don’t hesitate to book a consultation at Elevate Dental today. Our team of expert and friendly dentists will quickly address your gum problems using airflow treatment and suggest other improvements if needed. You can visit our branches in Greenhills and Bonifacio Global City.

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