7 Reasons Why You Need Dental Braces

7 Reasons Why You Need Dental Braces 1024x683

What are the top reasons why you need dental braces?

  1. To fix misaligned teeth
  2. To prevent tooth decay
  3. To fight gum disease
  4. To remedy speech impediments
  5. To improve digestion
  6. To provide better mouth comfort
  7. To boost your self-esteem


After a gentle check-up at the best dental clinic in Greenhills, San Juan, your dentist may recommend an alignment treatment such as braces. Aside from straightening your teeth, you will also experience numerous benefits for your oral and overall health! If you’re still hesitant, here are the reasons for dental braces.


Fixing Misaligned Teeth

Not all people are lucky to have straight teeth. Because of genetics, poor oral hygiene, and other factors, it is normal to have misaligned teeth. Fortunately, braces can fix the following problems:

  • Crowding: This happens because there is limited space in your mouth for all your teeth.
  • Gapping: You may have spaces If you have a large jaw or missing teeth.
  • Overbite: An overbite occurs when your upper front teeth overlap your lower front teeth.
  • Underbite: When you close your mouth, your upper front teeth stay behind your lower front teeth.
  • Crossbite: Similar to an underbite, this is when an upper tooth fits behind your lower teeth.
  • Open bite: If you bite down without your upper and lower teeth touching, you have an open bite.


Preventing Tooth Decay

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Brushing and flossing is a big factor in preventing tooth decay. But with crowded teeth, you can’t clean each nook and cranny inside your mouth. Food debris will get stuck in hard-to-reach areas and you won’t know that you have cavities until a tooth begins to ache.

No matter how much effort you put into cleaning, you will not remove all the residue if you have misaligned teeth. For a more effective brushing and flossing experience, you can fix crowded teeth with braces.


Fighting Gum Disease

Because you can’t clean your mouth properly, not just your teeth but also your gums will be affected. Plaque can get stuck in small spaces inside your gums which can lead to infection and gingivitis. While this can be treated by deep cleaning, antibiotics, or surgery, preventing it with braces is the best choice—for both your wallet and oral health.

If this problem is neglected for a long time, the soft tissues in your gums can get injured, making your teeth unstable. In the worst-case scenario, you will lose a tooth or two.


Remedying Speech Impediments

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Misalignment can cause difficulty in pronouncing certain words and sounds because your tongue placement is affected. Airflow is obstructed, which makes it easy for you to develop a lisp. If you have gaps, you can also hear a whistle as you speak. Aside from aesthetic purposes, proper teeth alignment can also allow you to speak in a clearer manner.

By using braces, you can eliminate slurring, whistling, and lisps. In cases where speech difficulty is experienced after the installation of braces, it usually goes away after you get used to the treatment.


Improving Digestion

It is a common misconception that digestion starts in your stomach. From the moment you place food in your mouth, the first step of the digestive process begins. When you don’t chew your food properly, your system might be confused—which could lead to fewer enzymes that can break down food.

If you have an open bite, where your upper and lower teeth don’t make contact, chewing properly is difficult. On the other hand, an overbite or underbite prevents your molars from fitting into one another which makes it hard to break down your food. If chewing causes pain, it may even affect your nutritional choices—causing poor overall health.


Providing Better Mouth Comfort

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Another factor that makes speaking and chewing difficult for people with misaligned teeth is the pain. You can accidentally bite your lips, cheeks, and tongue, which makes it harder to enjoy your meals or talk with another person.

Aside from that, crooked teeth can also add pressure on your temporomandibular joints (TMJ). Because one side of your mouth may have a stronger biting force than the other, extra stress is exerted on your jaw muscles. In an overbite, you might need to shift some joints forward just to chew your food.


Boosting Your Self-Esteem

While low self-esteem is caused by many factors, having crooked teeth can have a tremendous effect on how you enjoy life. Eating your favorite dishes or smiling at strangers can be difficult if it causes your mouth physical pain.

It is important to accept that your teeth are part of your personality. But if it causes tooth decay, gum disease, chewing problems, and speech impediments, both your physical and mental health could be affected. Fortunately, you can correct your misaligned teeth with a proven and tested solution—dental braces.


Key Takeaway

Aside from aesthetic purposes, there are numerous reasons for dental braces. Because of crooked teeth, many people experience secondary problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, speech problems, chewing difficulties, pain, and more.

Don’t let misaligned teeth affect your quality of life. With gentle and experienced doctors, Casipit Dental Group will help you transform your smile with our dental bracing procedure. Our orthodontists that specialize in teeth alignment will find the best solution for your specific oral problem.

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