Sensitive Teeth Do’s and Don’ts

Sensitive Teeth From Ice Cream

Tooth sensitivity is often felt as the sudden short, sharp pain that you feel on your teeth. Anyone can be affected by tooth sensitivity. It can affect more than one tooth and could be triggered by eating or drinking hot and cold beverages and even sweet and sour foods.

The tooth becomes sensitive due to extreme temperatures as the root surface is being exposed. When the dentin loses its protective covering called tubules, it allows heat and cold to stimulate the nerves.

Here are some simple do’s and don’ts on what to do with your sensitive teeth.



1. Use a Desensitizing Toothpaste.

There are specialized toothpastes that are made to protect the enamel and could decrease the sensitivity of the teeth. It works by blocking the tubules in the dentin. Ask your dentist to recommend you one or you can buy at a supermarket.

2. Cut Down Acidic Foods and Drinks

Consuming high acidic foods can damage your enamel, like sodas, juices, fruits, etc. You don’t really need to entirely stop but the key is to have it all in good moderation. When drinking, use a straw aiming at the back of your mouth lessening the contact to your teeth.

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You can as well neutralize acids when eating by having both acidic food and a non-acidic together in your meal. Example is fruits with water. Avoid acidic intake when exercising and at bedtime as you produce less saliva at those times.

3. Practice Good Oral Health Care

Brush your teeth at least two to three times a day using a fluoride toothpaste or better yet use a sensitivity toothpaste. Make small, circular movements with a soft to medium bristle brush. Avoid brushing your teeth from side to side because it damages the enamel acting like a saw on the edges.

4. Regular Dental Visit

Preventive care is important. As your dentist routinely checks and cleans your teeth, it can eliminate more damage from your teeth. They can also monitor the health of your teeth and gums, detecting early signs of decay to any other problems.



1. Teeth Whitening

Whitening your teeth may boost your confidence as you show that radiate smile of yours, but it has side effect to some also. There are several teeth whitening products that are available in the market and teeth whitening procedures done in your dentist’s clinic.

Did you know that teeth whitening can cause sensitive teeth? Some whitening products have peroxide and our teeth is sensitive to that ingredient. It does not create personal damage on your teeth, but preventive care is an idea when it comes to that.

If you plan on having your teeth whitened, it is better to consult with your dental professional on the pros and cons of teeth whitening before undergoing the procedure.

2. Teeth Grinding

Also known as Bruxism, which can break down the teeth and damage any dental procedures that has been done to you. It causes the outer layers of the enamel to wear away which can cause tooth sensitivity.

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You can use a night guard to prevent this. Night guards can be found at your pharmacy or you can consult your doctor about it for they could give you the perfect fit.

3. Waiting for Unbearable Pain

Again, preventive care may be the best solution for anyone who has sensitive teeth. Unbearable pain might mean that you must see your doctor right away. You might need to use pain medications or even procedures just for the pain.

Preventive care can detect it before it happens or gets worse. It can also save you from more pain and expenses that you might have to deal.


Do you have sensitive teeth? Or would you like to know other solutions on fighting off teeth sensitivity? Contact us today for we can help you answer your questions! You can also visit our clinic for a dental consultation and check-up at our dental clinic in Manila or our locations at Calasiao and Lingayen.

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